Nhớ — Facilitating intergenerational storytelling

Museum of Pop Culture — Constructing a sensory-safe museum experience

OZÉ — Empowering Ghanians to grow their ventures

City of Cambridge — Reimagining a citizen-centered civic brand experience

2022 UX Trends Report — Covering the future of the industry

To Tip, or Not to Tip? — Analyzing the transformation of tipping during Covid-19

Sensorium — Exploring the limits to human-centered exceptionalism

sk8mate — Prototyping a self-learning robotic skateboard

CurveBoards — Developing next-generation IoT prototypes

MIT Media Lab — Imagining spaces that perform themselves

Ori — Redefining urban living

Nordstrom — Analyzing the online shopping journey

Credit Suisse — Understanding the Swiss mobile banking experience

Priceline — Creating delight in travel booking

Squarespace — Inspiring creators to pursue their passions