WFH: Space Monitor
11 Apr 2020

I’ve been working-from-home for almost a month, and have been working off my company 13” laptop. I’m not even sure how I lasted that long.

I finally gave in and bought a 27” Space Monitor. It arrived a a few days later. I chose this one because it had thin bezels, minimal advertising, and a space saving feature in which the stand clips and mounts to the edge of the desk. Pretty clever.

The 27” is large, bright and beautiful. The more expensive 32” is a 4K display, but I opted to get this more compact and economical one instead.

To my delight, it was an easy install. I just wanted to be extra careful not to scratch or break anything, so I took my time. Be sure to choose the right color profile on your computer display settings.

Now let’s hope this extra screen real estate will translate into higher productivity this WFH season.

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