WFH: Ministry of Supply
17 Apr 2020

Ministry of Supply started from MIT as a venture to infuse the latest technologies and research to design more performant and comfortable clothing. One of the cofounders ran a marathon in one of their suits. I’ve even skated, competed, and performed in their Apollo Dress Shirt and a pair of the Kinetic Pants. The stretch is perfect. You’ll have to try them out at a store to feel what I’m talking about. Or make use of their 100-day return/exchange policy. That combination was, in fact, my first purchase from Ministry of Supply, when my mom and I stopped by their first brick and mortar store on Newbury Street back when they first launched.

The clothes are carbon neutral and guaranteed for life. But better yet, they’re easy to hand wash and dry, and are wrinkle resistant.

I picked up another haul during one of their capsule sales, where they discount older lines and styles. I’ve now added t-shirts, dress shirts, a blazer and jacket, and chino pants to my wardrobe. It’s the perfect clothes to style into during this WFH season, staying comfortable yet professional.



pants jacket



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