Kevin Shum — Month 1
13 Oct 2019

Where does the time go?

One month in, and there’s still so much I want to get done. I’m getting better at driving, meeting new people and learning new things at work, and taking the time to explore my neighborhood and the city.

Saturday I headed to the rink once again and attempted more triples than I expected. I even landed a triple lutz-triple toe combo, not perfect, but rotated. Really, here, I’m relying all on muscle memory, from the thousands of repetitions I’ve engrained over the years. Last time I took a break I fell on a single axel.

After, I stopped by the thrift store next door and got some books. There was an open house for a condo in the downtown area that I was curious to check out. I’ve never been to an open house on my own, so this was yet another step into adulthood. I even asked about disclosures, HOA fees, pet policies, the previous tenant, and parking spots. Now I have a baseline for future homes to check out over the next year.

This weekend I also caught up and FaceTimed a few friends, and we chatted about our lives and kept each other up to date with the happenings. Friends a few thousand miles away don’t seem as far. The time zone thing isn’t always easy to figure out though.

I made it out to the International District to get some groceries and try out some Cantonese food I’d been craving.

Sunday, I negotiated to get a used desk off Facebook marketplace. I had been waiting for so long for a desk, and in teh meantime have been using my bed for all my work at home. After weeks of scouring the marketplace and contacting multiple listings, I finally found the exact same desk I wanted to get at IKEA but for cheaper and partially preassembled (which for me is a good thing not having to stare at the manual for hours on end). It was, indeed, a delightful find.

I’m settling in just fine so far, and I’m still excited to be a tourist in a new city.