Lake Serene
23 Nov 2019

The weather was a bit unpredictable this weekend, but we headed out to Lake Serene, an hour-and-a-half drive from the city. The GPS brought me to a private road and a dead end, and after several minutes of confusion and driving around, I finally headed to the right trailhead lot. Good to note, search for “Lake Serene Trailhead” and not just “Lake Serene.”

We arrived at around 1:15pm. The parking lot was packed, but the trail itself was fairly quiet. We passed by some trekkers on their way down, and many were warm and friendly, greeting us with smiles or a hello. We started off on an hour or so detour to the Bridal Veil Falls lookout point. The waterfalls were a nice treat, and the lookout point offered a peek into the layers of mountains out in the distance.

We then continued upwards, on a steep, winding path carved against the mountainside. Similar to Lake 22, the rocky, aged terrain, moss-covered trees, and fern-populated landscape draw you in with their mysterious intrigue. The sky was misty and foggy for most of the hike, which brought out the rich green and brown hues of the local flora. It started to rain a little too.

By the time we arrived at the lake, the sky was already getting darker. The lake bears a large resemblance to Lake 22, but we only had enough time to refuel with a quick snack before and heading back down. Halfway through, the sky turned pitch black, and luckily we had our phones to light the way back to the parking lot. I’ve never hiked in the dark, and this was a uniquely exhilarating experience. Luckily, we got back safe and sound after stumbling around in the darkness. All in all, this hike took 4hrs45 roundtrip, much longer than I mentally or physically prepared for. But, I slept like a dream that night.

Snoqualmie Falls
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