Kevin Shum — Arboretum
19 Oct 2019

After skating, shopping, and running errands, I drove to the Arboretum for an afternoon stroll before sunset. I parked at northern tip of the park and walked along the waterfront path. It had been raining earlier, but the sun started to break out of the clouds. At one point, a rainbow appeared too.

On this cozy fall afternoon, some went jogging along the muddy paths, some fishing in the lake, some just brining their dogs or kids out for a walk. I took my time exploring the different varieties of plants and trees, taking a closer look at the moss, leaves, and ferns.

The Arboretum is big, but there are parking lots all around. At one point, I drove to another area of the park and walked around some different paths. It’s a true gem to have an escape into nature so close to the city. The students of UW are quite lucky to have this park right next to their campus. Good to note that the park is open from dawn to dusk.