GIFsBy Kevin Shum

PricelineI worked with the iOS team in New York City to ship new user-facing features and UI on the all-in-one travel app used by millions of

sk8mateMIT CSAIL — Self-learning robotic skateboard sk8mate detects how badly you wobble, and adjusts the length of the skateboard that best suits your

CurveBoards — Integrating Breadboards into Physical Objects to Prototype Function in the Context of FormCHI ’20: Is it possible to keep the function flexibility of breadboards, while also integrating

To Tip, or Not to Tip?The transformation of tipping during the Covid-19 pandemic through the lens of Practice Theory and Intersectionality By: Kevin Shum & Jeff Pabst

2022 UX Trends ReportNew guiding principle inspired by Tracy Johnson Instead of jumping right in with the solution in mind, designers who invest in long-term community