MIT EECS x ETH Zürich Informatik

Spring 2018 Exchange

Seit wann bist du hier in der Schweiz?


MIT eecs / ETH zürich informatik: inaugural Exchange program, Spring 2018

For the Spring term, I revised Informatik at ETH Zürich in Switzerland. I had a chance to attend several courses spanning Machine Learning, Ubiquitous Computing, Case Studies in Practice, Human-Computer Interaction, 3D Vision, and German. 

In both Human-Computer Interaction and 3D Vision, I had a chance to work with the professors and industry leaders on semester-long projects that resulted in two term papers, presentations, and even a poster session at ETH.


Mobile Banking Usability Study / Human-Computer Interaction, ETH Zürich

Global Alignment of Meshes for the Microsoft HoloLens / 3D Vision, ETH Zürich