I went on a weekend run after finishing a session of SAT tutoring at one of my favorite spots in the Bay Area--Lake Temescal. The lake is both a small reservoir and a regional park tucked among the hills of Oakland and Piedmont that is conveniently located just a few minutes away from my house. 

Today, in particular, was a bright, sunny and charming afternoon with a multitude of visitors--runners, hikers, walkers, bikers, dog walkers, fishermen, beachgoers, picnickers, bar-be-queers, mothers, fathers, families, adults and children alike. After I took a satisfying one-and-a-half mile run around the embankments of the lake, I spent a fair amount of time enjoying the lovely California sunshine and photographing nature showing early signs of spring--and a selfie, of course. California poppies scattered the landscape, along with other native flowers and plants. The trees were full and beamed with various shades of green. The lake shimmered under the radiant sunlight. It was as if nature was calling out, "Spring is here, spring is here!" at every potential moment. 

Indeed, spring has arrived. 


What's a afternoon worth without a selfie?