Who are you, where are you from, and what do you do?

My name is Kevin Shum, and I proudly call the Bay Area my home. I'm a full-time student and athlete, a Junior at Piedmont High, juggling a rigorous workload of 4 weighted classes with my career as a competitive figure skater representing team USA. Figure skating has consumed nearly all of my life since I started at the age of six, but in the few spare moments I have, I take interest in photography, running, hiking, reading, and coding. Over the years, I've also become a frequent flier, having traveled across the US, Asia, and Europe on numerous occasions, mostly for competitions.

Among other extracurriculars, I also work part time at a local law firm in downtown Oakland and serve as the president of the St. Moritz Ice Skating Club Junior Board. Finally, I am currently developing a new organization and platform called [SkateOn], a global online community committed to providing a platform for figure skaters to connect and interact with one another.

What hardware do you use?

On the ice, I recently switched from Edea boots and Paramount blades to Graf and the new Revolution Pattern 99's. My new skate setup has been working out great so far, aside from frequent but minor cramps and blisters. To recover from intense training sessions, I use foam rollers, the Stick, and tennis balls religiously. I record all my training in a Moleskine notebook, making sure I account for my program and jump run thrus. All of my skating gear is bundled up in a carbon-fibre looking hard-case luggage from Costco. I have a matching pair that I use for traveling.

When I'm not on the ice, I'm most likely typing away on a base model 13" MacBook Air, which I acquired in 2012 using the money I've earned working, an enormous upgrade from a $200-something acer laptop I have previously owned. I shoot photos with a Sony NEX-6 camera, and carry my Space Grey iPhone 5S always.

And what software? I use a lot of apps to run my life. My life is outlined in Workflowy--that is, my goals, my ideas, my notes, my bucket list, my brainstorming and my tasks; Evernote is my digital brain, containing snippets of documents (I use the document scanning feature on my iPhone), web pages, and other notes; Google Calendar organizes everything else in between. Journaling at the end of each day with DayOne keeps me grounded and sane. I use Lift to track my goals and habits. SAT Question of the Day also lives on my homescreen--gotta practice those sentence completions.

I utilize Google services so much so that I wouldn't know what to do without Google search, Chrome, Gmail, Docs, Maps, Hangouts and YouTube. My photos are synced with Dropbox, and I edit and post my photos with VSCO Cam and Instagram. Squarespace hosts my website and blog; I occasionally post random things on Twitter, and I communicate with mankind through Facebook Messenger, LINE, and Snapchat.

On iOS and OSX, I also use: Clear for lists, Sleep Cycle tracks my daily sleep deficits, Kindle for reading, StudyBlue for flashcards, Elevatr for brainstorming, Behance for inspiration, Spotify for music, Pocket for read-it-later articles, Feedly for RSS, 1Password for, well, passwords, f.lux to keep my eyes sane at night, and UlyssesIII for writing.

What would be your dream setup?

Skates that form perfectly to my feet and have a longer life-span. Skating boot and blade technology have been relatively stagnant over the past century, so new innovation in these areas would be both welcomed and exciting. All I can do now is just hope someone out there is looking to become a pioneer in this field. I also have to admit that I daydream about skating in a board-less Olympic-sized arena at a comfortable temperature at around 50 degrees with the perfect texture ice. Oh, and a more advanced music system that does not require tags, wires or any of that sort. No more CDs, iPods, music ID tags, or 3.5mm headphone jacks please.

As for my dream technology setup, one of those wooden adjustable standing-sitting desks sounds inciting, as well as an ergonomic chair. Also, a thinner, lighter and more compact 13" Retina MacBook Air would be my dream laptop, with a comfortable amount of RAM.