Here's a running tally of the notable places I've eaten at in the Boston area. I've organized them by area and included an informal rating out of 10. I don't belong to the Yelp Elite, so take my reviews with a grain of salt. 


Shake Shack 

Is it worth the hype?

Yummy for sure, fresh ingredients, honest flavor. A bit on the small side. Picked up the Shack cheeseburger with a root beer float. Float was big. 8/10


Tasty Burger

Again, is this worth the hype?

Also yummy, fresh ingredients, honest flavor. Neat in-house sauce. Cheeseburger combo. Dig the packaging. 9/10. By the way, any of you Californians out there or those of y'all out there who've had the chance to visit, In-N-Out still reins supreme. Now that's what holds a 10/10. 



Bubor Cha Cha

Ordered family style, the braised tofu with vegetable and beef with garlic sauce. Both delish. Great flavors and fresh ingredients. I've missed my mom's home cooking, and this comes close. 9/10. 

Kung Fu Tea

Best bubble tea in town. Boba is the right consistency, chewy, and just a tad sweet. Regular milk tea is perfectly brewed with the right combo of tea and milk. Also options to lessen sugar and ice.  10/10. 



Didn't write down what I ordered either. But let me tell you one thing: boy, was it tasty and filling. Homemade pasta, great flavor, perfectly cooked. No complaints here. 10/10.


To be continued... Check back for more reviews!