The MIT Club of Boston organized a send-off for incoming 19s in the area. Though I hail from California, I've been in town for the summer and joined up with my fellow future classmates for some yummy BBQ and a chance to make new friends and meet current students and alumni. 

We started off with some icebreakers. All of us 19s got in a circle and were handed plates and markers. No one knew what it was for, and I joked to those around me that wouldn't it be funny if we all drew self portraits? 30-seconds or so later, the leader announced that our task at hand was to draw on the plates what we think we'd look like after the first day of school. So I might just very well be a psychic. Anyways, I didn't know what to expect after the first day--would I be happy, excited, nervous, anxious, exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed, content, somewhere in between, or a mix of several emotions? I saw my peers rapidly filling out their plates with their facial features, and I began with drawing my spiky hair. I then drew two eyeballs of differing sizes, kinda like this: O.o. I drew my ears and nose and added eyebrows. For my mouth, I had no clue what my expression would be so I drew a combo of a happy/content expression mixed with an anxious and tired look. Putting my psychic powers aside, I have not a clue what I'd feel like by the end of the first day of school. I guess I'll soon find out!

Free MIT swag!

Branded myself with a tattoo