Might you find yourself in Boston/Cambridge without any fancy air conditioning units to spare? Well, I got you covered. I've been in Boston for the past 2 weeks, and I've been billeted to an apartment without A/C. Worse yet, it's on the 3rd and top floor of the building. If you don't recall from 3rd grade science, heat rises. Basically, it's HOT. The humidity makes it even worse. - worst case, jump on a bus (if you have a day, week or month pass) and sit there for a bit and cool down with the ac. Worry about getting to where you need to be after you cool down. Props to you if you get on a bus that gets to your destination. 

- stay out of the sun - hide under a tree, wear a hat, walk under an umbrella even though it's not raining

- pretend to shop at CVS or Walgreens or any other store when you're actually just taking advantage of the A/C to cool off before hopping to another CVS/Walgreens/other store down the street

cooling towel  source: amazon.com

cooling towel source: amazon.com

- grab yourself a cooling towel. activate it by wetting it first, and you'll magically stay cool. 

- if you have a fan put a wet towel over the fan and it'll blow cool air. Also, try positioning the fan so it blows out the window. That way, you can create a draft in the room.

- put an ice pack next to your head on your pillow.

- sleep next to a window opening if possible. It's probably going to get cooler during the night, so any breeze that enters in will enter through the window, obviously. 

- finally, last tip is to take a really cold shower before you go to bed. 

Worse case scenario, camp out at a CVS. Just kiddin'. Or crash at a friend's with A/C.