5:45  Sluggish getting out of bed, as always.  

6  Quick breakfast, usually peanut butter toast, before warming up for my morning practice session. The frigid rink air wakes me up. I’ve got a full training ahead. Running programs and jumping the first session.

8  Ice cut. I defrost in the heated lobby and nibble on some snacks to keep me going. Back on the ice 15 minutes later to work on spins, choreography and step sequences. 

9:15  Morning session complete, it’s time to cool down with some stretching and refueling. Off to school. 

9:40  First class: AP Environmental Science. After some lectures and note taking, off to study trees. Today it’s the Aesculus californica.

12:55  Lunch time. Rice with chicken and mixed vegetables satisfies my appetite—for now. 

15:05  School’s out! Now back to ice rink for afternoon training. 

17:30  My hair’s all frilled up by this point. Off to do some cross-training—today it’s running around downtown Oakland. 

18:30  Ready for a shower and dinner—more rice, among other dishes. 

19:30  Time to start on some homework: an English essay, textbook reading, Calculus study notes.

21  Need a break. Using this time to update my website with new press articles. 

22  Last-minute reviewing for tomorrow’s AP Computer Science test. Time for bed, sadly. Have to wait until tomorrow to finish David Epstein's The Sports Gene. ‘Night!